About us

The Barker-Mill Foundation was established in 1995 from funds provided by members of the Barker-Mill family in memory of their father and grandfather, Peter Barker-Mill.

Previously known as the Peter Barker-Mill Memorial Charity, the Foundation makes donations to local charities, schools, organisations and individuals needing support, primarily in south west Hampshire.

The total amount donated by the Foundation is £4 million, which has predominantly gone to help those in and around the areas where the Barker-Mill family has owned land for generations: the Lower Test Valley, Nursling, Ashurst, Colbury, Hounsdown, Longdown and Marchwood.



The Barker-Mill family has deep roots in Hampshire, where they have been landowners for over 500 years.  The estates are now held principally by Trustees, whose purpose is to act as custodians.  The Trustees intend to protect and enhance the family’s success, heritage, and reputation, whilst respecting and working to contemporary values and acting in a responsible and sustainable fashion.

The Barker-Mill Estates aim to be financially independent, generating sufficient sustainable returns for their maintenance and re-investment, at an appropriate level of risk.
The Trustees manage the Estates’ portfolio of assets in a responsible but commercial fashion, also in the interests of present and future generations of the Barker-Mill family.
InclusivenessDecisions are taken after consultation with relevant stakeholders (including, as appropriate, beneficiaries, managing agents, professional advisers, tenants, employees and local stakeholders).
ProtectiveThe Trustees are conscious of the need for and desirability of sustainable management, including the provision of environmental benefits through such programmes as woodland creation schemes and solar energy generation.  They also look to support the local economy by utilising local trades and businesses.
The Trustees wish to act ethically and, in line with the Barker-Mill family’s own values and wishes, believe in giving back to the community.  The Barker-Mill Foundation, an independent charity funded from the family’s wider wealth, has supported local charities by gifting over £4 million since its inception in 1995.
Well-BeingThe Estate activity provides for and the Trustees wish to support the improvement of local health and well-being, for example, by providing land for the construction of the Marchwood to Eling cycle path as well as granting permitted footpaths through Estate woodlands in the Nursling and Rownhams area.
LoyaltyThe Estate is intended to be a place to work where loyalty and commitment are encouraged and rewarded.


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