Barker-Mill Foundation boosts Hadley’s Heroes campaign with donation for new facilities at Longdown Activity Farm

Longdown Activity Farm , in collaboration with Hadley’s Heroes, has received a welcome boost of £2,500 from Barker-Mill Foundation (BMF) in their local campaign to raise funds for a special accessible toilet and changing room at the farm.

The opportunity came to light as local mum Sarah Brisdion approached Longdown Activity Farm with her Hadley’s Heroes campaign to get changing room facilities for disabled those with complex disabilities installed in as many outlets around Hampshire as possible.

Sarah began her campaign as her son Hadley, the face of Hadley’s Heroes, has cerebral palsy. He is a wheelchair user and requires specific personal care facilities so cannot use a standard disabled toilet when away from home.  The state-of-the-art disabled changing facility called ‘Changing Place’ will be equipped with a ceiling tracking hoist, height-adjustable adult-sized changing bed and carer accessible toilet.

Tim Jobling, Trustee at the Barker-Mill Foundation said: “Many children and adults enjoy Longdown Activity Farm in the local area. It’s a great attraction for families and it’s so important that every child and adult alike has the opportunity to enjoy the farm and feel as comfortable as possible.

“The new facilities that the farm is campaigning towards will do just that and we are more than happy to donate towards the cause. The new facilities will make such a difference for families with disabled children.”

The room will enable parents and carers to safely lift people from mobility equipment and tend to their personal care in a dignified manner, and will make a huge difference to so many local families in the area.

Sarah Brisdion, Hadley’s mum and the brains behind the Hadley’s Heroes campaign said: “Many people will not be aware that standard disabled toilets do not meet the needs of thousands of people. Without the new facilities, children and adults like Hadley are faced with undignified and unsanitary situations when away from home.

“We were thrilled when Bryan and Dawn Pass from Longdown Activity Farm got behind the campaign and we’re even more thrilled with the donation from Barker-Mill Foundation!”

Bryan Pass, owner of Longdown Activity Farm said: “We care deeply about being as inclusive as possible.We will be one of the first attractions in the New Forest area to install an official Changing Place facility for its visitors and that’s something we’re very proud of. We’d like to thank Barker-Mill Foundation for their generous donation.”

The new facilities opened on the 12th March 2016. The changing room facility at Longdown Activity Farm will give dignity to countless numbers of visitors and workers that have the need for special equipment and  will allow them to a enjoy a  day out with their families.