Barker-Mill Foundation supports local theatre company’s ambitious future

£100,000 has been donated to the Nuffield Theatre in Highfield, Southampton by the Barker-Mill Foundation (BMF) to help fund their future growth plans.

The funding from BMF will enable the Nuffield to enhance and expand the available space and improve the technical facilities available, improving the existing opportunities open to the local community.

Nuffield Youth Theatre is currently running at full capacity, but through the donation, an increase in the available space and facilities means that more youth groups will be created. Each group will be able to involve more young people which will then provide natural opportunities for sharing work and developing group performance and presentation skills.

Tim Jobling, trustee at the Barker-Mill Foundation, said: “The Nuffield brings so much to the local community, not just in terms of the interesting performances to watch, but also great opportunities for local adults and children to get involved in the arts.

“The donation is very much deserved and we’re pleased to have the opportunity to give something back in order to recognise their commitment to the arts and local community. Their ambitious plans will bring a new lease of life to cultural arts in the City of Southampton.”

Nuffield are hoping to offer an increased range of opportunities for the general public to become involved in such as workshops, working with local schools and an enhanced programme of work experience and internships.

James Gough, Administrative Director & Deputy CEO at Nuffield Theatre said: “We’re extremely pleased and grateful for this generous donation from BMF. We are so excited to expand the work we already do for the local community and to reach out to more people.

“With an increase in space and improved technical facilities, we can achieve so much more here at the Nuffield. Through the donation there is opportunity to work with a wider range of artists which will encourage some really remarkable companies to perform here in Southampton.

“It’s a really exciting time for the Nuffield and for theatre goers in the local area.”