Local cerebral palsy Conductive Education sessions continue thanks to local donation

Barker-Mill Foundation (BMF) has pledged their support once again to Fareham based charity, The Rainbow Centre, in the shape of a £2,500 donation.

The Rainbow Centre is a local charity working alongside children with cerebral palsy and adults affected by long-term neurological conditions to enable those with these conditions lead more independent lives using Conductive Education – a unique system of learning which trains undamaged sections of the brain to take control of motor functions previously managed by areas of the brain that no longer work.

The funding from BMF will help support the charities Early Intervention Unit parent and child sessions.  Since 1990, The Rainbow Centre has been the only facility in the Solent region providing the programme which improves the quality of life for children with cerebral palsy.

The sessions are for children under the age of three and they run four to five mornings a week.

Hannah Slee, Trusts and Foundations Officer said: “The primary focus of our Early Intervention work is to help young children develop essential skills such as looking, listening, vocalising, using their hands to explore and moving about.

“With the help of BMF, our sessions can continue to run and ensure we lay down the foundations of essential skills that will enable the children with cerebral palsy to make significant progress at later stages in their development. We’d like to thank BMF for their generosity and hope we can continue this great partnership we’ve had with the Foundation to date.”

Early and intensive intervention can lead to significantly better outcomes for children with cerebral palsy. Cerebral Palsy cannot be cured but can be mitigated through intensive intervention, particularly in those crucial first few years when a child learns and develops more quickly than at any other time in their life.

Tim Jobling, Trustee at BMF is thrilled to be offering support to The Rainbow Centre again. He said: “The charity support so many children in our local area and we’re pleased to offer our support to the Early Intervention sessions.

“These sessions can help children build the basic skills to live a more independent life in the future. We hope the families see the benefits of attending the sessions and we’re glad we could’ve helped.”

To find out more about The Rainbow Centre or if you’d like to fundraise for the charity please visit:  http://www.rainbowcentre.org/